The enabled life

This book should come with a public health warning !

Laughing out loud in public places, on trains or buses, or in coffee shops would be bad enough, fortunately, no-one asked me what the book was about. That would have been difficult to explain, especially at the precise situation which caused the laughter. It would have been embarrassing.

In Roy McCloughry’s new book, The Enabled Life, Roy explains in a down to earth way some of the complexities of living in a normal society, when you have a disability, either obviously physical, or as in his own case – a more hidden condition – one which a close family member of mine had, hence the laughter. Roy has captured some aspects of the condition in a way which not only brought back childhood memories, but also has helped me to understand what makes me – me, from growing up with a family member with this particular condition.

It is not an autobiography. It is a book which every responsible Christian adult who does not have any disability should read, because it will change your thinking. If you live in a household without disability, you may find yourself crying, where I laughed, or you may just be plain horrified that in 21st Century Britain, how “disabled” people are treated and limited even by the church (building and / or people). Roy manages to describe “normal”, which is difficult, because we measure everything else by it, but he does this in a very simple, engaging way.

Reviewed for us by Ann Murphy, a member of Holy Trinity Leicester. She is an independent panel member on disability for various train/rail network bodies and a member of the Leicester Disability Access Group.

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king in car park dvd 2NEW DVD JUST COME IN!

When a skeleton was found under a Leicester car park in September 2012, the news broke around the world. Research began, involving dozens of specialists in the fields of archaeology, osteology, history, forensic pathology, genealogy and DNA analysis, could this skeleton be the remains, lost for 500 years, of England’s most infamous king?

Philippa Langley, an Edinburgh based screenwriter and secretary of the Scottish Branch of the Richard III Society, was the main advocator of the project, and together with the University of Leicester, they embarked on a journey to discover the medieval monarch’s lost bones.

Presented by Simon Farnaby, ‘Richard III: The King in The Car Park’ tells every step, twist and turn of the story. It unveils a brand new facial reconstruction made from the skull and reveals the results of the final tests that confirm or deny the body’s identity.

Additionally, ‘The Unseen Story’ features exclusive footage of the dig, forensic tests and fresh interviews with the lead scientists, piercing together the critical steps in the archaelogical excavation. We see how the Greyfriars Church was uncovered and witness the painstaking exhumation of the lost King’s grave from the first indications of human remains to the exposure of the body’s twisted spine revealing a new dimension to the hunt for England’s long-lost king.

Email us at enquiries@christianresourcesleicester.com for your copy now. £19.99 – 121 mins

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photo king richard chocOur latest addition, is a specially commissioned chocolate bar featuring the picture of King Richard on the front. These have been made exclusively for us by The Meaningful Chocolate Company, the same supplier of The Real Easter Egg.  Our quality 100g milk chocolate bars are fairtraded and wrapped in gold foil.

Other King Richard Souvenirs we now have in stock include photo king richard souvenirsbookmarks, postcards, mugs, fridge magnets and just recently, we have gained some small gift teddies!  We also stock several colourful books featuring King Richard III, several of them describing the dig in Leicester where his remains were found.

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DSC_0049On a gloomy Monday morning in January, we were pleased to have a special event planned. Two christian authors were launching their new books and we were very excited to host the event in our bookshop. Both of them have connections with Leicester and our Leicester Diocese.  It was great to have both authors with us talking about their new books and Bishop Tim Stevens said a few words too.  John Florance from BBC Radio Leicester popped in to interview the authors, book purchases and book signing flowed, mixed in with delightful cakes and drinks.  We had a thoroughly enjoyable morning. A word of thanks must be said to Luke for organising a great event.

DSC_0027Canon David Jennings is a senior priest within the Diocese of Leicester.  His new book entitled ‘What’s still right with the Church of England?’ comes at a time when the Church of England is constantly under scrutiny and being challenged on the decisions it makes.  Some of the questions this book seeks to answer :-
Can the Church of England survive the 21st Century?
What needs to change and what remains?
How does the Church deal with contemporary challenges and how are these related to the situation it faced in 1966?
The Rev Tim Stevens, Bishop of Leicester has written the foreword to the book, his last few words quote “I would commend this book as part of an ongoing debate and discussion about the Church of England in 2012, and I welcome David Jennings’ conviction, that there is really something still right about the Church of England, even though there needs to be some critical evaluation as to how it continues to exercise ministry and challenge within our nation.”

DSC_0073Revd Dr Keith Hebden is a pioneer minister working with the deanery of Mansfield as ‘Seeking Justice’ Adviser. His father, Rev Peter Hebden was the previous owner and manager of our shop ‘Christian Resources’ until he sadly passed away several years ago.
Keith Hebden’s book entitled ‘Seeking Justice’ talks about the radical compassion of Jesus. Keith brings action and theory together with ideas that are as practical, accessible and exciting as the activism they underwrite. Beginning with the conviction that Jesus was an activist who was deeply committed to community, this book seeks to explore ways in which each of us can challenge the unjust structures that keep us from realising our full and common humanity.

Both books are available to buy in our shop or online  –

What’s still right with the Church of England? £9.99

Seeking Justice £11.99

10000th x 400Christian Resources Leicester has just celebrated producing it’s 10,000th Invoice.

When one of our customers, Rev Alison Christian walked into our shop this week, she had no idea that we would be taking her picture and giving her some freebies.  She came in to buy some church candles…  she left holding some free gifts and a beaming smile across her face, as you can see from our photo.

Alison Christian (real name!) is not only our 10,000th Invoice Holder, but she also happens to be the newly appointed warden at the Leicester Diocese Retreat House, Launde Abbey. She has been a parish priest in London for the last 20 years and now comes to her new job with a vision to help people to pray “because in prayer we experience a direct and personal relationship with God” (her words).

If you want to know more about Launde Abbey and the beautiful grounds it’s set in, have a look at their website, where you can see more about all the great events and retreats they have going on.

Because Alison had an account with us, she also gained 10% discount on her candles.  If you would like to know more about having an account with us, just give us a call on 0116 2615222 or read more here on our website. It’s very quick and easy to set up and you get 30 days free credit! Your church treasurer will be your new best friend.


Not a Christmas Cracker joke, but our latest book review from one of our customers…

Why did Jesus, Moses, The Buddha and Mohammed cross the road?
Christian Identity in a Multi-faith World by Brian D McLaren

As Brian McLaren points out, this is not a question he only dares ask because his faith in Christ frees him from fear of reprisal from ‘our’ heavenly Father.  Mclaren conjectures, whether Jesus, Moses, The Buddha and Mohammed would cross the road to meet?  If so, what would they discuss? He also challenges the exclusivity of ‘our’ concept of God.  Do we allow ‘Our Father’, the God of Israel, to also be the maker of all people, all creation, spanning countless millennia?

McLaren, a pastor from Washington DC and regular speaker at the Greenbelt Arts festival, is a theologian who is interested in the practicality of ‘imitating Christ’ in our multicultural world. He suggests that this must be driven by love if our witness is to be at all effective, and invents a new word, ‘with-ness’, to describe how we do this. Conditional friendships (I want you to change to be like me) are always likely to be strained. McLaren suggests we are able to ‘square this circle’ without watering down our faith and theology through what he calls ‘strong benevolence’. Mclaren suggests that our religion has been tainted over the centuries with supreme ideaology, from the point when Christianity moved from persecuted, to persecutor.  He feels our need for ‘de-bugging’ that which is not of Christ within us, is similar to our hearts desire for all people of other faiths and none. In this way, our approach is one of seeing blessing from contact with others, both within our tradition, and without, where the Holy Spirit’s work can transform all through the experience.

Mclaren characterizes the churches approach to multi-faith witness as creating a dissonance betweem ‘intelligence on ice’ and ‘ignorance on fire’. He hopes we can find a middle way, based on imitating Christ. I for one am with him.

Andrew Starr
Member of the Leicester Muslim-Christian Forum

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